Almaty - former capital of Kazakhstan
Almaty - Kazakhstan's southern capital, a city of a half million inhabitants, the administrative, economic and cultural center of the country. Surrounded by snow-capped mountains semicircle Trans-Ili Alatau, it captivates with its originality. Successfully entered in a mountain landscape, subordinate unified original decision, they make a beautiful city's skyline, which are widely used elements of national culture and achievements of modern construction equipment. 
Almaty - a city of apples. Apple gardens previously stretched across the city. According to a legend, the Garden of Eden was located somewhere in the city, and that is where Adam picked the forbidden fruit.


South capital of Kazakhstan is generous and hospitable. It meets guests with warmth and sun and prettiers every year.
 At all times of the year attracts mountain skating rink "Medeo". The famous ice of World Records, sparkles under the bright mountain sun. Because of its exceptional natural and unique data engineering and architectural design, the sports complex has received worldwide fame, became the pride of Almaty. 


State on the center of Eurasia
Kazakhstan, officially the Republic of Kazakhstan, a state on the center of Eurasia continent, large part of the country related to Asia and the less to Europe. On the north and the west, it shares borders with Russia, on the east with China, on the south with Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan.
Kazakhstan occupies the 9-th place in the world according to its square.
 The Republic of Kazakhstan is a unitary state with the presidential system of government. Under the Constitution, Kazakhstan is a democratic, secular, legal and social state which recognizes the man, his life, rights and freedoms as the supreme values of the country.
Kazakhstan is the largest land locked country in the world. Most part of the country accounts for the desert - 44% and semi-deserts - 14%. Steppes occupy 26% of Kazakhstan’s territory, while forests - only 5.5%. The population of Kazakhstan exceeds 17 million people.
Kazakhstan gained independence on December 16, 1991. Astana is the capital city of the country. Kazakh language is the official language of Kazakhstan. The Russian language has the status of the language of interethnic communication.
In Astana, the Congresses of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions are held regularly. 


In 2017, Astana will host the international specialized exhibition EXPO-2017. 
EXPO 2017 will last three months, include representatives from approximately 100 countries and is expected to draw three to five million visitors, which would make it the largest international gathering of its kind Central Asia has seen. EXPO 2017 will promote Kazakhstan all over the world.