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On Public Associations. The Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 31May, 1996 No. 3

Article 12. Charter of a public association

The charter of a public association shall provide:
1) name, subject and goals of activity of a public association;
2) membership (participation), condition and the procedure of acquisition and loss of membership, rights and obligations of members (participants) of a public association;
3) organizational structure of a public association, legal statute of structural subdivisions (branches and representative offices) and the territory, within which they carry out their activity;
4) procedure of formation, competence and terms of powers of the governing bodies, location of continuous governing body of a public association;
5) sources of formation of monetary funds and other property of a public association, rights of a public association and its structural subdivisions (branches and representative offices) concerning administration of property;
6) procedure for introduction of alterations and additions to the charter of a public association;
7) procedure of reorganization and liquidation of a public association, the future of the property of a public association in case of liquidation.
The charter may provide other provisions as well, related to the operation of a public association, not contradicting the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Adoption of the charter, introduction of alterations and additions to it shall relate to the exclusive competency of the supreme body of a public association – the assembly (conference, meeting).