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KNANN Members


We believe that the promotion of neuroscience business is best done through cooperation.
This happens at the national level, between more than 200 Kazakh national medical workers who are KNANN members and at international level with other scientific societies and organizations.
However, an even more important to cooperate on a “peer to peer” principle. For members of KNANN we maximize the opportunity to meet as on-line as well as off-line. On our web site participants can collaborate, share reviews and discuss issues. Implementation of “peer to peer” process is an innovative initiative of KNANN.


KNANN provides access to resources for all those who work in the field of neurology and neuroscience. We bring together medical professionals and researchers, we offer a forum for updating knowledge, contacts, projects and the best neurological practices.

KNANN ready to cooperate on the issues of the best neurological practices and public health care with the appropriate authorized bodies, international and non-governmental public organizations and patients.

KNANN’s mission is to enhance and spread the neurological best practices in Kazakhstan and around the world. We want to improve the quality of medical services and to collaborate with the best clinicians, teachers and scientists.

Every year, we gather together all the members and partners of KNANN at the international Educational Forum «Neurology Update in Kazakhstan». At this Forum we collect KNANN members and partners in order to share the most interesting and recent developments, as well as provide a platform for the improvement of knowledge and experience.

KNANN also conducts other conferences and workshops, publishes Journal KNANN, newsletters, articles, develops innovative projects and e-learning, advises on issues of searching the grants and provides recommendations.

Provision of resources on our web site.

Our website is a portal of useful resources. Web resource contains guidelines, research and development, training materials, and results of events. We carry out a selection of neurological information and links, bringing to our members the most important discoveries and ideas.

Promoting and raising awareness of Neurology.
Finally, we aim to promote neuroscience in the world community. We are focused on the goal of raising awareness about neurological conditions for patients and doctors, as well as increasing funding for neurological research.

Permanent Forum Neurology Update.